James Rhodes


"The one universal thing is music... It goes beyond language, colour, creed, religion."

Whilst covering the Hay Festival for BBC Culture we had the opportunity to interview the concert pianist and author James Rhodes.  As a young boy, Rhodes was the victim of harrowing abuse at the hands of a teacher which led to long-term physical and mental health issues.  In his best-selling memoir 'Instrumental', Rhodes revealed how learning to play the piano helped him manage and curb the worst aspects of his condition.  Now a classical pianist filling concert halls around the world, in this intimate interview with Clemency Burton-Hill, Rhodes talks candidly about the role music played in rebuilding his life and the health benefits it can offer to every one of us.



Presenter - Clemency Burton-Hill

Camera - Adam Proctor and Howard Timberlake

Edit - Adam Proctor and Howard Timberlake

Video Producer - Adam Proctor  

Producer for BBC Culture - Rebecca Lawrence

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(Adam produced and shot the above videos during his time leading the multimedia unit at BBC Global News.)